Children’s Podiatry

Does your child have growing pains?

Have you noticed your child walks differently or tires easily?

These are all issues that may indicate your child should visit a podiatrist.  At Ryan James Podiatry we have a special interest in Childrens Podiatry.  Childrens feet are different in many ways to adults as they have unique developmental milestones and patterns.  Early treatment and diagnosis of potential foot or biomechanical issues can prevent problems developing or progressing into adulthood.  This can potentially give your child a step forward into achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

We treat children of all ages from infants to teenagers for a range of reasons.

The following can be reasons you may bring your child to a podiatrist:

  • reoccuring pain
  • frequent tripping
  • tiring easily
  • knocked knees
  • uneven shoe wear
  • flat feet
  • walking or standing differently
  • skin rashes
  • ingrown nails
  • intoeing (pidgeon toes)
  • juvenile hallux abducto valgus (bunion deformity)