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If you were unable to find an answer to your question why not ask a question on the public forum our facebook page, Ryan James Podiatry. Our podiatrist is happy to give a response as soon as possible.

I have had heel pain for many months and it is not getting any better, What should I do?

Heel pain can cover a broad spectrum of problems that can occur to the foot. This can range from skin problems to bony problems. There is no one answer for heel pain. However, there usually is a reason to why this pain has been lasting months. Pain should not last for months on end without having some improvements. If your pain has been lasting for months I would recommend having your feet assessed to determine what the problem is and have it treated correctly.

I didn't realise you treat all foot and lower limb problems. What advanced technologies do you use?

Podiatrists are university trained allied health professionals who deal exclusively with the feet and the lower limbs.  Wether you have a small corn, warts, fungal conditions, chronic or acute foot pain, foot deformities, ingrown nails or any other foot or lower limb concern we can assist in providing an appropriate treatment plan to assist you.  At Ryan James Podiatry we have a special interest in providing the latest evidence based practice techniques and technologies including Shockwave Therapy, 3D Laser Scanning orthotic technology and advanced injection therapies prolotherapy and more.

My child seems to be walking a bit funny. Will they grow out of it?

Depending on what is causing the unusual gait patterns they may be able to grow out of it. I would recommend consulting a podiatrist sooner rather than later because there is limited time for a child to grow out of an unusual gait. Again depending on what is causing the unusual gait and depending on the age of the child there may be some bracing options, stretching, exercises, orthotics or special shoes that need to be implemented.

Are rebates available for Podiatry through private health insurance?

Rebates for podiatry services are available through private health insurance, although the rebate provided depends on the type and level of cover.  If you would like to estimate your out of pocket expenses for podiatry, contact us for details on the relvent item numbers to check the rebates with you private health insurer.  We have HICAPS facilites available.