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Fungal nails are a common concern for many patients as they are often a difficult nail condition to treat.  Fungal nails occur when an opportunistic fungi (microorgansim) infects the nails.

Some symptoms may include discolouration, thickening, brittleness and debris under the nails.

There is a range of treatments available with varying success and side effects these may include topical therapies or oral medications.

Laser therapy is a recent technology however this can be expensive.  At Ryan James Podiatry we offer Photodynamic Therapy as an alternative.

What is PACT nail fungal therapy?

PACT stands for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.  This innovatve technology effectively treats/kills fungi cells.

A chemical dye is placed on the nail and allowed to ‘soak in’ to the fungal tissue. The chemical dye is only taken up by a fungal cell wall, It is not taken up by a human cell membrane.

High intensity light is then used to activate a chemical reaction. This produces high amounts of localised oxidative stress to the fungal cell wall leading to cell death.

There are no reported side effects or contraindications for this treatment.  The process will need to be repeated for multiple appointments (varying on individual needs).

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