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General Podiatry

General podiatry refers to diagnosis and treatment of common foot problems to the skin and nails. We offer a full range of treatment for general podiatry including treatment for:

Skin Care

Corns and callous, heel fissured, splitting skin between toes.

Nail Care

Thickened nails, ingrown nails (Including Nail Surgery and Nail Brace), infections to the toenails and painful toenails.


Nail Surgery

Persistent in-growing nails are remarkably common at all ages of life. This may be from recurrent trauma to the nail, the shape of the nail or by incorrect cutting techniques.

If recurrent ingrown nails do not respond to conservative treatment then a surgical procedure can be performed to permanently remove the ingrowing portion of nail.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic rooms without the need to go to hospital. This procedure has a high success rate with minimal complications.

Please seek further advice from our Podiatrists if you are considering nail surgery.


Nail Infections

Tinea or Athletes foot infections, Plantar warts, Fungal infections.

Toe deformities

Manufacture of devices and padding for management, splinting and deflecting problem toes. These include hammer toes, claw toes, mallet toes and bunions.


Nail braces for Ingrown Nails

At Ryan James Podiatry we offer a gentle alternative to nail surgery for ingrown nails.

Have you had an ingrowing toenail before?

Do you need to have your ingrowing nails attended to on a regular basis to treat or prevent pain and infection?

You may benefit from the 3TO nail brace system. This is a similar technology that orthodontists use to straighten teeth.

Using a wire brace that we are gradually able to tighten and make adjustments to, we can change the shape of your nail and prevent it from becoming an ingrowing nail.

It is best to see one of the Podiatrists to determine if your ingrowing nails will respond to a nail brace.

The nail bracing technique is a safe and pain free alternative to treating reoccuring ingrowing toenails.

Footwear Advice

Assessment and advice on correct footwear for problem feet

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