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Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic therapy is used to treat biomechanical foot dysfunction. Foot dysfunction is when the foot is not moving as it should. This can place extra stress to bone, ligament and muscles of the foot.

Our Podiatrists may recommend some form of orthotics determined on a patients individual needs this may include a prefabricated device, a heat molded prefabricated device or prescription orthotics.

Prescription Orthotics

Our highly skilled laboratory technicians take special care in fabricating prescription orthotics which meet the highest level of standards. Your orthotics are designed from professional prescription specifications.

They are built to meet your individual biomechanical and lifestyle needs.

We use modern techniques with casting, with a 3D scanner as opposed to an older method of casting. This 3D digital scan of your feet is more accurate and provides our patients with high quality orthotics.

We use state of the art CADCAM technology to mill your orthotic. This method is accurate to 1/20mm. This software eliminates human error for a superior orthotic every time.

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