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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neropathy can be related to a number of conditions including Diabetes. In recent years there has been increased research to find treatment options to reduce or eliminate this neuropathic pain.

At Ryan James podiatry we offer advanced treatment planning for treating peripheral neuropathy.

 We are able to use sural nerve conduction studies in the clinic to take objective measures of nerve function.

The sural nerve conduction study shows excellent correlation to intraepidermal nerve fibre density test (Papanas, 2014).

However using sensory nerve conduction studies we are able to eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

We can measure any physiologic effects on peripheral nerve function to ensure your treatment is having a measurable effect.

 The device used is the DPN check manufactured by Neurometrix. Read more at their website:


Papanas, N., & Ziegler, D. (2014). New vistas in the diagnosis of diabetic polyneuropathy. Endocrine47(3), 69

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